Yourtes Chez Vous is a unique idea from Le Chene Vert Loisir. No doubt you often have friends and family paying you visits, either for the weekend or in some cases several weeks, and find that space can be a bit of a problem. It may not always be convenient or practical for them to stay in a B&B or rent a gîte. These can also be a costly alternative.

We could have the answer and help solve your accommodation problems. Yourtes Chez Vous will bring you a 4m Yurt and erect it in your garden. Your house guests will be able to enjoy their own private space while sleeping in comfort in a unique "guest room". We can even supply beds, duvets and linen so you do not have to worry about anything, not even the laundry!

The yurt is handcrafted in Mongolia and features traditional hand painted designs. It will easily accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people.

4m handcrafted mongolian yurt
A Yurt or Ger in the Mongolian language is the traditional dwelling of a mongolian nomad. The yurt is made up several components. The lattice walls enable the yurt to take on a round shape while the central crown wheel adds height. It's design means that it is portable and can be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled.  



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