Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Yurt?

4m handcrafted mongolian yurt A yurt (yourte), or Ger in the Mongolian language, is a traditional nomadic dwelling. They are made up of many components which are designed to give the structure strength, size and portability.. There is a central crown-wheel which is supported by 2 centre poles. The lattice walls form the outside shape and the roof poles tie the structure together. The whole thing is then covered by a cotton liner and a decorative waterproof outer cover. The yurt also features a double lockable door

How much room do I need?

The yurt is 4m in diameter.

How many people does the Yurt sleep?

The yurt will sleep 2 adults in a double bed and it is also possible to add up to 2 singles. The interior surface area is 12m sq

Our garden isn't very flat, is that a problem?

As long as the ground is reasonably flat there shouldn't be a problem. The walls can take a little bit of unevenness, however the yurt will not sit on a slope.

Does the yurt have to be on grass?

Grass is a good surface, but the yurt can also sit on decking or a patio. Gravel is also ok, though it may effect the type of beds you use inside.

Do you provide beds and linen?

If you do not have anything suitable we have beds and linen for hire. These range from inflatable mattresses, folding camp style beds to futon style beds with foam mattresses.. See our Prices page for details. Double and single duvets, pillows and bed linen are also available if required.

How long does the yurt take to put up?

In normal circumstances the yurt can be erected in a couple of hours.

We only need the yurt for 1 night.

Our minimum hire period is 3 nights. Friday to Monday, or any midweek period. This is due to the time taken to erect and dismantle the yurt.

We only have a small gate to the garden, or limited rear access. Is this a problem?

The yurt packs down into many smaller components. The wall panels are latticed and concertina and the roof poles are all separate. If a person can fit through the gate, so can the yurt.

What happens if it rains?

The yurt can still be erected in the rain, though it may not be possible to put the cotton inner liner over. The crown wheel also has a separate cover which can be removed during fine weather and pulled over during rain..

Do I need permission?

As the yurt is a tent it does not require any permission.

Is it very secure to leave belongings in?

The yurt has a lockable wooden door. The sides are made of lattice wood, so it is more secure than a normal tent. It is always inadvisable though to leave valuables unattended.



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